Marta Binetti photographed by Wang Xiao Hui-Beauty Obscured--A Group Show Featuring Wang Xiao Hui, Qian Gang and Yin Zhi Xin

Beauty Obscured--A Group Show Featuring Wang Xiao Hui, Qian Gang and Yin Zhi Xin

Drawing inspiration from their personal perceptions of beauty, these three diverse styles alternately reveal and conceal the ways in which each artist responds to their muse to create dynamic images of the feminine form. Enigmatic interpretations of the feminine muse are explored in a variety of mediums by artists Wang Xiao Hui, Qian Gang and Yin ZhiXin at Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center. Including photography, painting and sculpture, this exhibition explores three distinct artists’ individual dialogue of beauty in all its obscurities.

Wang Xiao Hui translates her own personal experience of a traumatic event that altered her life, of which she finally emerged out of the chrysalis, transformed. The fluid movement of the self-extrication is at once beautiful and tortured. Qian Gang’s intimate and poetic paintings explore the dynamics of attraction. At first shadow and line create a static image- on closer observation all elements interact to illustrate the mysterious and sensual interaction between masculine and feminine. Yin ZhiXin challenges preconceived ideas of the feminine and masculine form through his playful and ndrogynous sculptures. Voluptuous and serene, the figures’ graceful waltz contradicts and creates a delightful movement.

Artists’ Statement


For me, life is art and art is life. Our life and art are inseparable. My creativity is closely related and entwined with my life experiences; locked in a constant dialogue- they are inseparable. The “Self- Extrication” photographic series created in 1992, are images that evolved from a short film I made titled “Broken Moon” These pictures illustrate one of the most extreme experiences in my life; a time of personal and physical transformation.

Though I created the film, I was also fascinated with the still images that I captured from the fluid dance. In this way, I never contain myself to one art medium. I explore all art forms; I have made short films, photography, written novels and created video and installation art. There are no boundaries in my life or my art.

Self-exrication by Xiao Hui WANG, 170x120cm,1992,C-print

MARTA BINETTI Photographed by Wang Xiao Hui